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Have you ever had students that start off excited, then see their excitement drift? Have you ever seen students struggle with not believing they can achieve? Have you come across students that are so guarded and walled they don't want to open up? The more you helped, the more they pushed away? Have you ever had a student drop out, it became devastating to you since you saw how great they can become?


It can be painful.

That pain seems so powerful that there's nothing anyone can do to tell them otherwise. 

What if you can show students how to turn that pain into purpose

Instead of seeing life as a reason they can't move on, they can see life as the reason they can. My name is Schwartzen Precil, I would love to show your students the process of turning that pain into their purpose.

Be Your Own Hero

Learning from experiential wisdom, author and speaker Schwartzen Precil discovered the power of turning pain into purpose means to fuel his passion for mentorship. His fight against poverty drove him to writing several books as a means to empower communities within the importance of leadership development. Within Be Your Own Hero, Schwartzen Precil tells about his discovery of transforming adversity after navigating through foster care and learning to grow through pain in order to reach purpose.

Schwartzen Precil, erupted as a mentor, community leader, and activist as an AmeriCorp VISTA after his undergraduate studies. Hero leadership Group allow participants to learn the process that transforms pain into purpose. Schwartzen Precil uses his story to provide hope to those who may not otherwise know where to turn to when their hearts are in despair.


Exposing the Prodigal's Heart

Prod-i-gal: [adjective] characterized by profuse or wasteful expenditure.

This book acts as a resource to realign false narratives that have strained humanity throughout human history. The same way broken lens glasses blur eyesight correlates to false narratives distorting visions.

Ch 1 - Cursed

What is sin?

Ch 2 - Revenge 

Guilty vs. Innocent

Ch 3 - Reconciled 

Our Response

Ch 4 - Repentance 



Ch 5 - Grace

Why Jesus?

Ch 6 - The Sower

Rocky Soil

Ch 7 - Fertile Soil

The Cure

Ch 8 - Vulnerability

The Crucifix

Speaking Engagements

In today's world, there is a demand for quality leadership. During this training, students are equipped with principles and techniques needed to enhance their leadership...
The Principle of Success for Students

Heartbeat of Heroes Blog

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