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What is

Hero Leadership Group?

The Mission:

Hero Leadership Group was founded in 2019 after it's founder, Schwartzen Precil, dedicated an entire year of service as an AmeriCorp VISTA eradicating poverty within economically deprived communities. 

Through actively coaching character skills while developing an SEL curriculum used by William C. Abney Academy Charter school in Grand Rapids, MI, Schwartzen served over 300 youth with increased positive outcomes for more than 80% of the student population.

(Curriculum Overview:

Schwartzen Precil has trained over 80 youth serving leaders and organizations in several states to help prepare students to succeed in school and the workforce. 

Hero Leadership Group focuses on mentorship, leadership, and curriculum development providing students with necessary skills for long-term success. The curriculum is based on behavior change research to ensure a high quality social-emotional learning outcomes for students most at-risk.

Participants of HLG leadership training's have the opportunity to reflect on their sense of responsibility, compassion, and integrity.

The Author:

Schwartzen Precil discovered the power of transforming pain into purpose by learning the key process behind long-term success. As an expert in leadership development for millennials faced with early onset traumas, Schwartzen battled homelessness to become a highly sought after keynote speaker and inspiring presenter.


His first book, “Be Your Own Hero: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities” tells the story of his precocious teen encounter with the criminal justice system and his decision to turn from the street violence. His decision led to a global basketball playing career that began with the National Leadership Scholarship award from the National Collegiate Scouting Association (NCSA) during his senior year of high school.

Full Article:


Schwartzen excelled during his undergraduate studies as a full-time student athlete establishing a

high profile campus presence as President of the Student Senate and Black Student Union. His passion for mentorship and community service continues as he provides breakthrough advocacy for erasing poverty with leading practices that produce healthier outcomes for low opportunity communities.


Schwartzen has only scratched the surface of creating meaningful impact for underrepresented communities as he currently serves as Site Director at the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo.

Previous talks/workshops:
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  • The Importance of Building Community George Washington High School 2023

  • Transforming your Pain into Purpose Student Senate G.A. Conference 2023

  • "Unlock Your Personal Greatness" Americas Job Center 2022

  • "Transforming your Pain into Purpose" Gaynor Mccown High School 2021

  • "Leading with Your Best Self" TRiO Mi-Capp Leadership Conference 2020

  • "Turning Obstacles into Opportunities" Michigan Pre-College Youth Outreach

  • "Be Your Own Hero" Michigan Adoptee Collaborative 2019

  • "Reignite Your Vision" William C. Abney Academy 2019

  • "The Other Side"Buffalo Urban League 2019

  • "Take Full Responsibility" Boys and Girls Club 2019

  • "Character Building" Latinx Youth Conference 2018

  • "Live Your Legacy" MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit 2018

  • "Trust The Process" Diversion Program 2018

  • "Anything Is Possible" MI-CAPP Student Leadership Summit 2017

  • "The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion" Finlandia University 2017

  • "Step Out Your Comfort Zone" 2014

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