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Finding your voice

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

One of the biggest fears in America is the fear of public speaking. Ever consider why?

I was 19-years-old the first time I spoke publicly

The majority of young professionals I come across do not believe they have a voice or have much to say. I found that it is all too common that there is a struggle with voicelessness not because they do not have much to say, but because they believe others will not listen. Those who believe they have a voice often times do not yet know what to do with it. Finding your voice is often a process that can take a life time to discover.

“You find your voice when you discover your truth.” -Schwartzen Precil

Midlife crisis happens between the ages of 45-65. In 2019, there's been a new crisis that young millennials (born between 1981-1996) go through called the "quarter life crisis." Being fresh out of college and entering into the workforce to establish yourself can be quite the obstacle. Juggling the many qualities of life such as rent, car expenses, debt, career development, aspirations, self-care, social anxiety, personal relationships and many other qualities can be extremely overwhelming. I learned the best way to maintain the balance in my life is to exercise my inner voice, a process I had struggled with during my undergraduate studies.

"All eyes on me." -Tupac

Little effort is required to neglect your inner voice as each of us attempt to create a balanced life for ourselves. Public speaking is a fear among Americans due to their inability to self-assess and express. It requires deliberate time and energy to get to know yourself. Easier said than done. As much as we all appreciate attention, being the center of attention can be overwhelming. The introvert in me focuses on those aspects more than some public speakers. I have learned that in order to captivate an audience and deliver my message with ease, I have to push those negative thoughts aside.

Since the world is full of external voices that critique, criticize and comment, sometimes their validation may seem more important than our own acceptance. Those who have potential and the talent to speak to large groups of people shy away from the chance of being in the spotlight. Being transparent with others can expose ourselves more than we may feel comfortable showing, but thriving while at that level of vulnerability can be mastered. I believe we do not give ourselves enough credit for our true inner strength. (#BeYourOwnHero #InnerVoice #Courage)

Personally, I put myself through 30-day challenges in order to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I call it the #HeroesChallenge. Start by investing 30 minutes of solitude one day per week. Write down personal facts (good or bad) about yourself and read it over. Challenge yourself to write about particular life qualities that the average person may know about you. Assess what you wrote down, and express the feeling you got when reading what you wrote.

(For example: My entire life I was known for being an athlete, but really I love to write short stories and poems.)

Write down one quality that brings fulfillment and/or balance to your personal life. One of the ways I found my voice during an obstacle (#RockBottomObstacle) in my life was by being honest with myself. I am a creative. I like to enhance my ability through creative writing opportunities. When I was honest with myself, I was free from criticism and gained my power back. I found my voice.

When you are vulnerable with yourself first, the critiques of others become ineffective.

Leave one line in your writing to answer this question. "If most people knew [this aspect] in my life, how would others view me differently?"

When I finally wrote down "I was in foster care from the age of 1 until the age of 13," I nearly cried. When I wrote down "I met my biological mother for the first time at 24 years-old," the tears did not stop. I became vulnerable with myself. Those tears brought me to reveal something that I did not know existed until I discovered my truth. I found my voice.

The secret to finding your inner voice is to first discover your truth.

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