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Play your Part

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Everyone has a role to play in their community and in society.

Now, is the best time to allow your gift to contribute to a better world.

Ever wonder what you can do to help the world? Start by looking in your own backyard.

Traveling from Buffalo down to NYC to visit friends and family was the right trip to take to gain a healthier perspective as I allow my gifts to serve my community.

This weekend, people donated to the fight for justice, passed out water, sanitizers, food, Gatorade, it was amazing to see a community standing by one another. Ask yourself, are you playing your part in your community?

NYC is my home city, specifically Staten Island, NY. This weekend we made history with over 1,800 people showing up to the south shore to peacefully protest and stand against policy brutality.


/brēT͟H/ take air into the lungs and then expel it

Buffalo protests were a little different as the peaceful protest turned into a horror scene quickly as officer threw tear gas at peaceful protesters.

Dedicated to all the black kings and queens who were killed by policy brutality.

We have our signs

We have our protests,

Most importantly, we have our voice.

Let the voices of those who are heard speak for those who are unheard.

UNITY - A song on the importance of coming together

Schwartzen Precil is a community activist, speaker, and awarding winning author from Staten Island, NY. He is currently a director for the Boys and Girls Club of Buffalo, NY.

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