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Dear Lil Sister

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

You have every reason to think the world is unfair, your radiance shows otherwise

First time meeting my younger sister

When we spoke on the phone for the first time in May 2019, I was amazed by the excitement in your voice. You wanted to meet me, one of our father's many sons. When we finally met I was blown away by your authenticity. The stories you shared about dad raising you made me believe he was a good guy even though I never met him. The media can portray us black men as "deadbeats" when our children grow up being raised by single mothers. We do not always know the full story, but the story you told was strong reason I decided to take on his last name.

Some promises cannot be broken.

I had the privilege of taking you out to celebrate your birthday 21st birthday in July. I wanted to show you that there are still men who value keeping their word.

Us being one of many children our father had, I know many people have different stories on how they viewed our dad. I look at it as a lesson. The impression we leave on people will be the story they tell about you long after we are gone.

Let your light shine

Your glow when I met you was brighter than the pictures I saw of you. You are considerate of others, you stay strong even through the obstacles life brought as you hold yourself to high standards. I had no idea you existed a few months ago and yet you are one of my closest friends. You are educated in ways that show intelligence is in our blood. You are a strong black woman and I know dad would be proud.

I used to spoil my younger adopted sister for years. Now, I have the luxury being a big brother all over again. Even though you have four older brothers, I hope I can be the one you depend on when you go through the challenges life brings. I take pride in showing the ones I love that they are loved no matter what they do.


Continue to stay strong lil sis as you progress in your career. Show young men like myself how we need to take the time to understand the battles that woman of all ages go through daily. Every time we talk I soak up the ability to express myself in a healthy manner. I thank you for your bond as you remind me that broken relationships can be mended with the right effort and attitude. (#BeYourOwnHero #Obstacles #FightforaCause)


Schwartzen "Shway" Precil

Facebook: @HeartbeatofHeroes

Instagram: @HeartbeatofHeroes

Twitter: @Hero2be

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