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Are we in the 'Age of a Anarchy'?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

“People are fed the f*ck up! We're aware of the mental illness epidemic, they just do not care anymore.” -Anonymous

Based on last week's blog, "Who wins, the heroes or the villain?" I was received interesting feedback on 'The Joker' movie and my thoughts. Consider this a continuation.

On a warm and sunny Friday afternoon, I sat with the bank teller as a man entered the bank and robs it in the blink of an eye. An extremely unlikely event, so I post on my social media,"the bank I was in was just robbed. What are the odds!?" *Upside down smiley face emoji.*"

After the commotion settled down at the bank, the police let us pedestrians leave and

One of my good friends called me right away.

The conversation quickly shifted from my safety (I was not in shock #PTSD) onto the individual who robbed the bank.

I said,"In the movies, bank robbers usually cover their face, this man did not. He was a six foot black man that wore a black hoodie. The man took off down the block on foot with a duffel full of cash."

The fact that I wore a black hoodie into the bank that day made me think. Now every time a six foot black guy enters into a bank, those bank tellers (who happened to be Caucasian) and the community members will think "bank robber."

Am I out the loop?

“The America I am attempting to create will not incriminate my future children because of their physical attributes." -Schwartzen Precil

A middle aged black woman who stood inches in front of me noticed I was deep in my thoughts after the phone call.

She calmly spoke "times are rough baby. People are getting desperate. Can you blame him for not hiding his face from the cameras? The robber was said to be homeless. Jail looks more appealing than the world at this point. In jail, at least you know when your next meal is and you have a cot to sleep in."

Of course I disagreed as to why his actions were unjustified, but the ease of her tone made me think she knew something I did not know. Was I out of the loop? Are we in the era where anarchy strikes at any given time?

I went home, did some research and BOOM! What I thought to be unlikely could not be further from the truth. The most likely time for a bank robbery to occur in the United States of America is on a Friday afternoon (*According to 2018 Bank Crime Statistics). I am sure you can guess who the largest population of apprehended suspects for bank robberies were (it rhymes with crack-can)...

In a world where I am looked at to be 'profiled' negatively, I choose my face on the cover of a book so future generations does not have to suffer the same fate. (#BeYourOwnHero)


Instagram and Twitter: Schwartzen_828

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