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2019: From Homelessness to Author-hood

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

"How does someone go from spending six months of sleeping on a couch to become an award winning author?"

It was the toughest question asked to me by the media in 2019. After spending months on the beaches of Spain playing basketball in Europe to sleeping on my brother's couch, I had to ask myself "Where did I go wrong?" During that time I went through a major breakup in my relationship which ended faster than it started. I was faced with the same question I always ask myself when I'm reminded of past trauma. "Who I am?"

Victim mentality

“When you are reminded of trauma, all you see is darkness. It's like reliving a nightmare from the past."

I'm sure most of us can find a thousand reasons why we may think life sucks. We've been abused, mistreated, given unfair opportunity, and choose to blame others for misfortune. At a certain age, people rarely care about your problems, because well... they have their own problems to tend to.

Victor mentality

I told myself "enough is enough." It's the difference between being a victim and being a victor of life. This is what transitioned me from a boy to a man. It birthed the the title "Be Your Own Hero." The moment you take responsibility for whatever has happened in your life, is the moment you seize all the power to change your current situation.

From despair to cheer

“The title 'Be Your Own Hero' came from my God-given story, not on who I thought I was.”

I arrived to the city of Buffalo (where my brother lived) and had one thing on my mind, find my biological family whom I had never met.

Jan 2019- I took a position at a gym in the sales department.

Apr 2019- I quit my job when I found my long lost family.

May 2019- I moved into 2 bedroom apartment (No more couch!)

June 2019- Became the director at the Boys and Girls Club.

Aug 2019, started my first blog for leadership development.(

Sept 2019, create my first website. (

Nov 2019, Awarded Best Book Award YA, first book tour/signing (

Dec 2019, spent the holidays enjoying time with my new found family asking God to keep me humble as he prepares the way for me.

Every step along the journey I prayed for God to give me direction and wisdom.

The key is focus

With every right to blame others for the lack of love some of us receive growing up. When hurt is all you know, hurt is all you give. Instead of focusing on external, focus on becoming the love and respect you want to see in the world. Focus on your own journey of self-care and love. When I did this, I began to see myself for who I truly was. A child of God.

Be the person your younger self looks up to


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Sherrell McLean Lmsw
Sherrell McLean Lmsw
31 dic 2019

Proud of you!

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